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The Culture Cohort 

The Culture Cohort at Coarse Culture offers students a transformative opportunity to engage directly in various aspects of business operations. From production and marketing to sales and acting as brand ambassadors, students play integral roles in driving the success of the company. Through hands-on experience in these diverse areas, students not only contribute to the growth of Coarse Culture but also gain invaluable skills and insights into the entrepreneurial journey in Oxford,Ohio.


Real-World Experience in Entrepreneurship

The Culture Cohort provides students with unparalleled exposure to the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship. By working closely on Coarse Culture's team, students gain valuable insights into the intricacies of building and scaling a business, developing essential skills such as critical thinking,problem-solving and teamwork that are crucial for success in today's competitive job market 

Personal and Professional Development

Being part of the Culture Cohort offers students  a platform for personal and professional growth. Beyond acquiring technical skills, students develop resilience, adaptability, and leadership qualities as they navigate real-world challenges and opportunities. The experience gained through the cohort equips students with a competitive edge and prepares them for success in their future endeavors, whether in entrepreneurship or other professional domains. 

Opportunity to Earn Course Credit

Students who join the Culture Cohort have the unique opportunity to earn course credit that counts towards their degree. Through practical, hands-on experience at Coarse Culture's headquarters, students can apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world scenarios, enriching their academic journey and enhancing their transcripts.


Joining Coarse Culture's student cohort opens doors to a vast network of industry professionals, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs. Through regular interactions with experienced professionals and peers, students have the chance to forge meaningful connections, seek guidance, and explore potential career pathways within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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